Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/07/12

Benedict XVI pictured during the Angelus at Castel Gandolfo (AP)

At yesterday’s Angelus Benedict XVI said he was deeply shocked by the “senseless violence” at the cinema in Denver last Friday.

Married couples should discuss their problems regularly with “utmost sincerity“, the Pope has said in a message marking a Teams of Our Lady international gathering in Brazil.

The Vatican has ruled that the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru can no longer call itself “Pontifical” or “Catholic”.

The Vatican released papal butler Paolo Gabriele from his cell on Saturday, placing him under house arrest.

The Czech government is preparing to compensate the Catholic Church for property seized under Communism.

Rome Reports notes that World Youth Day in Rio begins exactly a year today (video).

Edward Feser explains why he reverted to Catholicism after a decade as an atheist.

Melinda Gates argues that her campaign to provide contraception to developing countries is inspired by Catholic teaching on social justice.

Lucetta Scaraffia reflects on the crowds that flocked to hear seven sermons preached at the Spoleto Festival in Italy.

And L’Osservatore Romano has given a rave review to 100 Metres From Paradise, an Italian film about a fictitious Vatican team at the Olympic Games in London.

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