Morning Catholic must-reads: 17/07/12

St Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai, where Bishop Ma Daqin was ordained (AP)

Auxiliary Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin of Shanghai has updated his blog for the first time since he was detained following his episcopal ordination on July 7, reports

Archbishop Antonio Franco, the outgoing apostolic nuncio to the Holy Land, has said the Pope will not “provide a political programme for solving the Middle East conflict” when his apostolic exhortation is released in September.

Pope Benedict XVI has chosen “Blessed are the peacemakers” as the theme of the 46th World Day of Peace on January 1 2013.

Benedict XVI has urged Carmelites to aspire “to belong totally to Jesus, only to Jesus and always to Jesus” in a message marking the 450th anniversary of the start of the Carmelite Reform.

A Slovakian television station has published alleged Vatican documents claiming that deposed Archbishop Róbert Bezák made disrespectful comments about the Pope and mocked “the cassock as a piece of clothing worn by sorcerers”.

Kurt Rivera investigates claims made by a former employee against Michael Galloway, owner of, “one of the most visited for-profit Catholic websites on the planet”.

Cardinal Georges Cottier, former theologian to the pontifical household, tells Zenit why he thinks that some “movements of contestation in the Church” are “exceedingly foolish”.

And Micah Murphy urges promoters of the new evangelisation to learn from the Renaissance.

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