Today’s Catholic must-reads: 21/03/12

The Cause of Fr Walter Ciszek, a Jesuit imprisoned in the Soviet Union for 23 years, has taken a significant step forward after a ruling by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

A new book published on the eve of Pope Benedict’s visit to Mexico claims to offer “irrefutable evidence” that the Vatican failed to act on allegations again Legion of Christ founder Fr Marcial Maciel 50 years ago.

JP Morgan Chase & Co is to close the Vatican bank’s account with the firm’s Italian branch because of concerns about the Holy See’s financial transparency.

Animal rights campaigners have urged Cardinal Timothy Dolan to investigate claims that priests in New York are starving feral cats.

George Weigel says that behind his humorous exterior Cardinal Dolan is “a man of formidable intelligence“.

And Micah Murphy reveals which bishop can be found in the apostolic lineage of more than 5,000 of bishops alive today, including the Pope.