Morning Catholic must-reads: 07/10/11

A woman pays her respects to former New Orleans Archbishop Philip Hannan (CNS photo/Frank J Methe, Clarion Herald)

The funeral Mass of Archbishop Philip Hannan, a giant of the post-war American Church, took place in New Orleans yesterday.

La Croix reports that the Holy See will publish the full Doctrinal Preamble presented to the Society of St Pius X if the leaders of the SSPX sign the document.

The Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE) has re-elected Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdő as its president (video).

The US bishops are to discuss whether to include the memorial of Blessed Pope John Paul II on the Proper Calendar at their plenary meeting next month.

Bishop Patrick Zurek has issued a statement clarifying why he recalled Fr Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, to the Diocese of Amarillo.

The Congregation of Holy Cross in Canada has agreed a $17m (£11m, €13m) payout to abuse victims (full PDF text of statement).

Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský of Bratislava has opened the Cause of Tomas Munk, a young Slovakian Jesuit killed by the Nazis.

The brother of murdered Catholic schoolboy Jimmy Mizen has said he hopes that the 2012 Olympics in London “will be remembered for peace as well as sport“.

L’Osservatore Romano praises the “visionary” qualities of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (full text of article).

Diana Macalintal wonders what would happen if Catholics “treated liturgy the way Steve Jobs treated technology“.

And Fr Tim Finigan considers why some diocesan officials would like blogging to be made a criminal offence (full PDF text).