Today’s Catholic must-reads: 21/09/11

Benedict XVI and Cardinal Angelo Scola pictured during the Pope's visit to Venice in May (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Benedict XVI presented Cardinal Angelo Scola, the new Archbishop of Milan, with the pallium at Castel Gandolfo this morning.

The Pope broke with tradition and did not hold a weekly general audience today in order to prepare for his trip to Germany (video).

Archbishop Rainer-Maria Woelki of Berlin has told Vatican Radio that he is proud to welcome the Pope back to his homeland tomorrow.

George Weigel gives the thumbs-up to Fr Robert Barron’s monumental new television series, Catholicism.

Joe Heschmeyer analyses the impact of Catholic teaching on the spreads of Aids in Africa.

And novelist Jay Parini says it’s time that G K Chesterton “was taken seriously as a major critic and biographer, a thinker of sharp wit and deep learning”.