Morning Catholic must-reads: 20/06/11

Pope Benedict XVI arrives to celebrate Mass in Seravalle stadium, San Marino, yesterday (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Benedict XVI urged countries to give refugees a dignified welcome during his pastoral visit to San Marino yesterday (full text of homily in Serravalle stadium).

The apostolic visitation of Regnum Christi, the lay branch of the Legion of Christ, has ended.

Popular American priest Fr John Corapi has announced in a video that he is leaving the priesthood. Mark Shea, Elizabeth Scalia, Fr John Zuhlsdorf, Patrick Archbold, Fr Dwight Longenecker and Jimmy Akin react.

John Thavis explains how the Holy See conducts diplomacy.

Matt Emerson urges the Catholic critics of Notre Dame to give the university a second chance.

Professor Tracey Rowland considers why Benedict XVI established a Personal Ordinariate for groups of former Anglicans.

Bernard Manzo investigates whether G K Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc were anti-Semitic.

Fr Federico Lombardi looks forward to the 60th anniversary of Benedict XVI’s ordination to the priesthood on June 29.

Matthew Warner is frustrated by the redesign of the Vatican website.

And Fr John Zuhlsdorf reveals which bishop has pastoral responsibility for the moon.