Update on the Canadian ordinariate

In light of my recent post about the Ordinariate developments in Canada, I’d like to draw your attention to a post by Fr Christopher Phillips, a founder of the first Anglican-use parish in the United States, who writes the Anglo-Catholic blog which reports on Ordinariate developments, predominantly in the States and Canada

He writes:

Many of the blogs have been buzzing with reports about preparations for the Ordinariate in Canada being “on hold,” as far as the Anglican Catholics are concerned. Some bloggers have incorrectly reported that this was a decision made by the Holy See; others have tried to make the case that the ACCC was having second thoughts about the whole thing. None of that’s true.

Fr Phillips writes that he had the chance to speak to Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins about the ACCC, and sets the record straght. Please go here
to read the full story

Rocco Palmo over on Whispers at the Loggia has also got an interesting post on the United States ordinariate over here. He says the decree establishing it is expected out before the Curia’s summer recess and the US ordinariate up and running by the autumn.