Morning Catholic must-reads: 28/04/11

“Faith in the Risen Christ transforms existence,” Pope Benedict said in general audience address yesterday (full text in Italian, video).

The Church in England and Wales is urging Catholics to “strongly support” Prince William and Catherine Middleton in prayer during tomorrow’s royal wedding.

A Chinese bishop who endured years in a labour camp has reportedly died while celebrating the Easter Vigil.

A Mexican child has claimed that a kiss from John Paul II cured his leukaemia (video).

An American elderly nun is recovering after being trapped in a lift for four days (video).

Cardinal Francis George has suspended the controversial priest Fr Michael Pfleger.

A priest has paid tribute to photographer Chris Hondros, who was killed in Libya, at a Mass in New York City.

John Allen considers whether John Paul II did enough to combat clerical sexual abuse.

Blogger J Wilson has survived his 46-day beer-only fast.

And Mark Shea argues that New Atheism is turning into a quasi-religious movement.