Morning Catholic must-reads: 15/04/11

Catechumens pictured at St Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai (CNS photo)

The Vatican has issued an 11-point message to Chinese Catholics, urging them to make sacrifices in defence of the faith (full text).

Disgraced Belgian Bishop Roger Vangheluwe has admitted in a television interview to abusing a second nephew.

Benedict XVI will celebrate his 84th birthday tomorrow (video).

Zenit publishes the Pope’s calendar for Holy Week.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has criticised the “sentimentality” of Irish-Americans in an interview with the Boston

Fr James Martin SJ welcomes the Vatican blogging summit.

Fr Tim Finigan says he is awaiting the English translation of YouCat with trepidation.

James Kidd claims that the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand can be reconciled with Church teaching.

Daria Sockey says the US Catholic publishing world is at a crossroads.

Patrick Archbold comes to the defence of Michael Voris.

Phil Lawler points out that America’s “most Catholic” university isn’t officially Catholic at all.

And a Catholic priest in London is preparing to defy local council officials seeking to ban a traditional Good Friday procession on health and safety grounds.