Today’s papal visit must-reads: 15/09/10

Prime Minister David Cameron outside 10 Downing Street (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

The Prime Minister David Cameron has said that Benedict XVI will
receive a “warm welcome” when he arrives in Britain tomorrow (full message).

Channel 4 News claims to have found evidence that the Church in
England and Wales is not following its own guidelines on abuse.

The Mail forecasts the content of Pope Benedict’s speech at
Westminster Hall on Friday.

The BBC reviews the papers on the eve of the visit.

Tony Blair compares Benedict XVI to John Henry Newman in a front-page article in L’Osservatore Romano.

Phil Lawler makes five predictions about the papal visit.

Historian Michael Burleigh says the Pope deserves better treatment from Britain.

Catholic Voices reports on a debate about priestly celibacy in London last night.

Terry Philpot says anger about abuse is obscuring the Church’s good work.

And an ice-cream firm with a reputation for mocking the Church says it is preparing a new campaign for the papal visit.