Morning Catholic must-reads: 12/08/10

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Pope Benedict XVI has declined to accept the resignations of two Irish bishops who stood down at Christmas. The Belfast Telegraph suggests the news is “a severe blow to the authority of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin” of Dublin.

A new analysis of voting patterns among bishops at the Second Vatican Council suggests that non-Catholics had a strong influence on the Council’s outcome.

The Vatican is planning to revamp its official website and is considering opening sections in Arabic and Russian.

American lawyer Jeff Anderson has said that he is determined to pursue two major lawsuits against the Holy See.

Christopher Howse tries out the official papal visit merchandise – and is left unimpressed.

Bishop John Jukes, retired auxiliary bishop of Southwark, looks back gratefully on 87 years of celibate life.

John Allen explores why the Vatican supports the Taizé Community despite concerns about it among some traditionalist Catholics.

Tony Paterson says a row over a memorial cross in Warsaw is exposing Poland’s religious divide.

Carl Olson responds to novelist Anne Rice’s criticism of Benedict XVI and Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix.

Fr John Zuhlsdorf takes on theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether over the ordination of women.

Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, discusses the new English Mass translations, the abuse crisis and the media’s portrayal of the Church (video).

William Van Ornum wonders if the concept of “the Singularity” poses a challenge to Catholics.

Brian McClorry SJ reviews Philip Pullman’s The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ and Gerald O’Collins’s book-length response, Philip Pullman’s Jesus.

And users of Twitter can now add an official papal visit Twibbon.