Against the Apocalyptists
We don’t know what God intends with this disease, but we don’t need to know.
Captain Tom and the death of the Stiff Upper Lip
Captain Tom's fundraising has revealed the sentimental nature of the British nation. Where is our Stiff Upper Lip?
“Will my grandchildren recognise me after this?”
A grandmother laments the effects of lockdown on her relationship with her grandchildren.
Would the real Dorothy Day please stand up?
In her mind, if Christianity is to survive as a viable social force then it must be so, not in the way of worldly power but in the way of powerlessness.
Getting away from it all: Self-isolation in Tudor times
Social isolation as a means of protecting oneself from a deadly epidemic is nothing new.
Why Christian smart art isn’t smart at all
Christian art shouldn’t be too smart - it takes away from the meaning, argues Niall Gooch.