William Oddie

In fact, I suspect that I might be capable of something much worse

To begin with, where did President Ali Zardari get his personal fortune of £1.5 billion? I only ask

Gill and Gill traded under 20 monarchs and 76 prime ministers: now we are living in a new and impersonal world

Imagine discovering that you have regularly received the sacraments from a mass murderer

But even if they believed him, they would still be out for retribution, not rehabilitation

Where, oh where is the gaudiness (and enthusiasm) we expect from Catholic tat?

Our descendants will look back in amazement at the gullibility of our age

Cardinal Pell has got it right: the Green ethic IS designed to replace Judaeo-Christianity

The dysfunctional, corrupt and intolerant nature of the Pakistani state bodes ill for the flood victims