William Oddie

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April 25, 2014
He re-established the simple but immense fact of the Church’s authority to declare the objective truth of Catholic doctrine
April 24, 2014
Pope John Paul’s major achievement for the Church was to recover Pope John’s original purpose: to “guard” and to teach more efficaciously “the sacred deposit of Christian doctrine”
April 11, 2014
Pope Benedict was no less a pontiff of profound personal humility because he wore red shoes and lived in the papal apartments
April 04, 2014
What we need is an intelligent application of the science of casuistry: after all, we have a Jesuit Pope: Jesuits are supposed to be good at it
March 27, 2014
Our democracy is built on the fundamental principle that we are one nation and that there is one law for everyone
March 20, 2014
Is Fr Robert Byrne’s appointment a sign of things to come? How many more orthodox bishops can we now expect?
March 07, 2014
The trouble with using the Church as a scapegoat is that it allows society to avoid facing its own more serious sex abuse crisis
February 28, 2014
Episcopal attacks on politicians are just too easy; politicians are always unpopular. But the Government isn’t always to blame for much of for the real hardship
February 21, 2014
This is not a good start to his cardinalatial ministry; he admits that he might benefit from a ministerial briefing on the complexities of government policy. He should ask for one
February 13, 2014
The NCR’s scepticism is shared by the author of Hitler’s Pope: shouldn’t that in itself give pause for thought?
February 07, 2014
Rabbi Dalin thinks that Pope Pius should be declared Righteous among the Nations: it would only be common justice if he were
January 23, 2014
Predictions that after the end of the Cold War we would see a clash of civilisations between Islam and the West have been borne out by events