William Oddie

The ‘silent’ Pope Benedict has ways of being heard; and he is still being listened to

Underage girls are being fitted with contraceptive implants without parental consent: this has to stop

The encyclical’s callow environmentalism will make feeding the starving more difficult, not less

It’s just as bad in the Church of England, and worse in society at large

It went largely unreported: now, it should be constantly reiterated. If it is, this could be one of the great pontificates

The European Union is withering because it has uprooted itself, he says: unless it returns to God, its institutions are finished

The joy of the gospel, says Pope Benedict, lies in the authentic truth about God

Cardinal Francis George would ‘really, really like to have a heart-to-heart with Francis’: so too would many of the rest of us

The inevitable result will be to open Catholic teachers up to increased scrutiny, pressures and complaints

Is that why the Church has so far been silent on the case the appeal court is considering? The judges have to decide whether the existing law on the status of the ‘foetus’ makes sense