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June 26, 2020
The prominent Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King, this week argued that depictions of a “white Jesus” should be taken down because they are a “gross form of white supremacy.” “I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” the 40-year-old tweeted, adding that the call extended to
June 23, 2020
Mgr Antony Conlon, who has died at the age of 72, was a man of infectious fun and profound friendship, who had a wonderful ability to bring his friends together. His quality of openness, while sometimes misunderstood by those who seek clerical detachment in their priests, was an essential part of his priesthood. His educated
June 22, 2020
Waving goodbye to the handshake We need to think about the handshake, not only at times of pandemic. There are other Signs of Peace which, I am told, are in common use during Mass elsewhere. People should consider using one of these alternatives. One of my family has poor immunity. Twice he was hospitalised when
June 19, 2020
You’re going on pilgrimage. What part of the world would you like to walk in? I’d like to see two places that were important in Winston Churchill’s life that I haven’t yet visited. The first is the battlefield in Omdurman, which is just outside Khartoum in Sudan. I’d love to do a tour of the
June 19, 2020
St John Henry Newman My God, my Saviour, I adore Thy Sacred Heart, for that heart is the seat and source of all Thy tenderest human affections for us sinners. It is the instrument and organ of Thy love. It did beat for us. It yearned over us. It ached for us, and for our
June 17, 2020
The following litany was approved for public use by Pope Leo XIII in 1899. It contains a total of 33 invocations, one for each year of Our Lord’s life on Earth. A partial indulgence is attached to this litany. Lord, have mercy Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy Lord,
June 02, 2020
Archbishop Gomez has called the Floyd killing ‘senseless and brutal’ but says nothing is gained by violence
June 01, 2020
Catholics should not see the Church in worldly terms, Pope Francis said on Pentecost Sunday
May 29, 2020
You’re planning a pilgrimage route. Where would you like to walk? I am always drawn to the Cotswolds because of its combination of nature and history – it offers the perfect amount of green with the perfect amount of antiquity. I’ve spent lockdown at my home in the Cotswolds and it’s been a fantastic awakening.
May 29, 2020
Dr Anthony Fauci says churches should put off distributing Communion when they reopen
May 28, 2020
Cardinal Ratzinger's role in the Second Vatican Council was “not marginal but enormously significant,” his biographer has said.
May 27, 2020
Twenty MPs have called on the British government to allow churches to re-open
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