Rob Flello

November 28, 2020
There is good reason why there have been demonstrations in France, Italy and the US and petitions raised nearer to home at the prohibition of Mass and that is because it lacks logic or fairness. I must admit that I haven’t seen how other countries organise their services, but I have here in England. The
October 16, 2020
“I had, for all my adult life, been an atheist. Although as a baby I was baptised into the Church of England, I had rejected all things religious. I was critical of anybody’s faith and had very secular views on matters of conscience, for example. “Around 2007 I was going through some difficult times in
November 21, 2019
It’s not quite the 200th anniversary of the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829, but it seems we’re almost back to the days when a Catholic couldn’t stand for Parliament. Indeed, 190 years in the grand scheme of things is probably the equivalent of the 36 hours that I was the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for
October 28, 2014
On Tuesday will see a debate in the House of Commons over the Abortion (Sex Selection) Bill, which seeks to clarify the law