Rebekah Lamb

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August 22, 2019
Christina Rossetti By Emma Mason OUP, 240pp, £30/$39.95 Devotional Victorian poets understood the particularities of nature as manifestations of God’s presence in the cosmos. For instance, Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ understood all of creation to be instances of God communicating aspects of Himself. Along similar lines, Christina Rossetti was also fascinated by nature’s myriad dimensions.
November 08, 2018
Rebekah Lamb looks back to the days when the Virgin Mary would chastise bishops Mary and the Art of Prayer By Rachel Fulton Brown, Columbia, 656pp, £55 Steeped in scriptural, liturgical and mystical accounts of the life of the Virgin Mary, medieval devotions and writings particularly meditated on the role of Mary as persuasive intercessor,
April 05, 2018
One of the Vatican's most senior clerics says we must fight against 'the dictatorship of noise'
April 05, 2018
A few hours before Cardinal Robert Sarah delivers his public lecture at St Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in Toronto, I meet him for an interview at the nearby rectory. Holding a plain wooden rosary in both of his hands, the cardinal sits a few feet from me. To my immediate left, a framed copy of Holbein’s
January 18, 2018
Faith in Poetry by Michael D Hurley, Bloomsbury, 240pp, £70 When GK Chesterton wrote a biography of William Blake for the Men of Letters series in 1910, he opened it with the following paradox: “All the biggest events of Blake’s life would have happened before he was born.” Going a step further, he said that