R.R. Reno

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December 19, 2019
In early December I leapt across the pond for a short visit to the great capital city of England. Even in inward-looking America we were aware a big election was about to be held, and my time in London was only days before voters went to the polls. Even a parochial American knew the election
December 20, 2018
The secular hijacking of Christmas can be frustrating, but beneath the glitter and sentimentality are love and happiness
October 25, 2018
I journeyed to fair Albion to provide a lecture at Oxford University, sponsored by the Thomistic Institute at Blackfriars, around which accumulated other pleasant obligations, appointments and connections with old friends. I packed my raincoat, not knowing that I would enjoy four perfect days of 60 degrees Fahrenheit weather (if you will permit me my
June 29, 2017
“Do you think Balthasar will have a lasting influence?” That was one of the questions Fr Kacper Malicki asked on the trail down from the Mnich, a prominent rock pinnacle overlooking the Morskie Oko, a mountain lake and popular destination in Poland’s Tatra Mountains. The shadows were lengthening, but we had a good deal of
November 17, 2016
First there was Brexit, then came Donald Trump. The Dutch general election is scheduled for March, the French presidential election in late April and early May. In September, the German establishment faces its voters. Expect more of the same. A politics of meaning is upstaging the politics of interests. Analysts will sift through voting data
November 16, 2016
His breathtaking election victory has unleashed a dangerous new populism. But shrill denunciations are not the answer
October 06, 2016
A recent poll has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton. Handicapping this horse race is futile, given the volatile American electorate. But the question remains: how can a reality TV “blowhard” with an enlarged, fragile ego, impulse-control problems and bad hair be so close to becoming President of the United States? Some answer that it’s economic
October 06, 2016
From Brussels to Washington, the global ruling class is facing an unprecedented revolt. At heart, it is a rebellion against materialism