Philip Booth

October 08, 2020
Prof. Philip Booth looks at the question of global governing authority, raised again – though hardly for the first time – by Pope Francis in his encyclical, Fratelli tutti. Whenever the idea of global governance is mentioned in a Vatican document, there is a flurry of debate with embedded positions being taken, especially amongst those who
September 17, 2020
In early October, Pope Francis will sign a social encyclical on fraternity. It is an important topic. Too many statements from the Vatican have in recent years have strayed into political issues, the subtleties of which are not always fully appreciated. And sometimes the points that are made are indistinguishable from the arguments of secular
August 06, 2020
A recent report in The Lancet spelled out the alarming fall in fertility across the world. Demographic car crashes happen in slow motion and it has been known for years that countries such as Japan, Germany and Italy are about to enter population free-fall. We are used to being told that higher populations are harmful.
June 27, 2021
A country with a very high proportion of cases leading to death should surely be asking some questions about its health service --  not questions about the herculean efforts by the staff in the service (many of whom have sadly died from Covid) -- but questions about the structures within which the wonderful staff work.
May 15, 2021
"When it comes to the promotion of human dignity and the common good and the realisation of the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity," argues Philip Booth, "as well as more modern concerns such as the protection of the environment, the institution of private property is vital."
January 21, 2021
Catholic universities have a gift to offer the world which arises from the way we think about knowledge. We have a duty in teaching and research to ensure that the link between faith and reason is not severed. A Catholic university should also help in the building of character. Our alumni should go on to serve society whist practising the virtues – whether they practice in business, the law, sport, health or education.
May 24, 2018
Catholic thinkers are just beginning to get to grips with new virtual currencies such as Bitcoin
May 24, 2018
Plenty of theologians and Christian leaders have become animated by the temptations of money. According to St Paul, the love of money is the root of all evil. Pope Francis has insisted that “money has to serve, not to rule”. But what is money? In fact, it has a relatively mundane function. In simple terms,
May 17, 2018
‘Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones’ is a serious and constructive contribution that ranks alongside 'Rerum Novarum'
March 08, 2018
For the sake of the common good, we must build new homes
February 07, 2018
China's regime denies freedom of conscience, oppresses religion and disregards the right to life
November 16, 2017
The Church’s attitude towards globalisation has become somewhat ambivalent in recent years – if not a little hostile. This seems partly to be a misreading of the evidence on inequality and poverty, but it also reflects Pope Francis’s cultural unease with big business and transnational commercial activity. If we add the traditional Christian suspicion of
October 23, 2017
It is true inequality has increased in some countries. But globally it is actually decreasing
August 04, 2017
On abortion, gender, marriage and sex education, the Tories sound ever more authoritarian
May 23, 2017
According to Catholic social teaching, the family should be the primary source of care for the elderly
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