Nick Hallett

The new Conservative Party Vice-Chair for Women was criticised for opposing ‘decriminalisation’ of abortion

Damian Hinds is a Catholic who has previously called for the lifting of the admissions cap

Secular media outlets are taking interest in the country’s increasingly conservative, Catholic direction

He said the policy was ‘damaging’ the education of Catholics and non-Catholics alike

The Pope warned against any move to recognise Jerusalem as the Israel capital

Clergy rank below forecasters and newsreaders in terms of public trust, but are still well ahead of politicians

Tim Farron says the British media and public distrust active Christianity

Vittorio Messori said Pope Francis is in danger of undermining the ‘stability and firmness’ of Church doctrine

Archbishop Arthur Roche and Vatican spokesman Greg Burke both denied the rumours

Cardinal Woelki said there is ‘no basis’ for such a service as Catholics and Protestants do not agree on the Eucharist