Nick Hallett

‘I have found myself torn between living as a faithful Christian and serving as a political leader’

More than 140 women pregnant with twins, triplets or quadruplets chose to abort at least one baby in 2016

The cardinal said some criticisms of the former pope’s preface to his latest book were ‘diabolical and cover the Church with a mantle of sadness and shame’

The law has effectively stopped the Church from opening new academies and free schools

The retired pope has given a rare endorsement of a serving Church official

Tim Farron had previously said abortions were too widely available and called for restrictions

Frank, uncompromising and at times brutally honest, the debate shows an alternative way forward for ecumenical dialogue

The party had pledged to legalise the practice in the province without mentioning the Northern Ireland Assembly

‘Where do your candidates stand on the future of EU citizens in the UK and reciprocal rights for UK citizens in the EU?’ the bishops ask.