Mary O'Regan

For parents, make cakes; for churchgoers, meet friends; for everyone, contemplate

St Jane Frances struck up a close friendship with St Francis de Sales

The devotion was explained by Our Lady to Sister Lucia 90 years ago this December

We need to be ready for the abortion industry spin: that to deny the use of unborn babies for research is morally wrong

The heart of St Philip’s apostolate is beating strong half a millennium after his birth

Today is the feast day of the patron saint of pregnant mothers and women in childbirth

Disappointments can actually help us to grow in trust and humility

Throughout her short life, St Kateri Tekakwitha suffered so that she could pursue her calling as a bride of Christ

Modern Catholics are too prone to thinking that Our Lord’s Passion and the Divine Gift of His Precious Blood is something locked in the past

There are three disciplines we must all adopt in order to try and achieve sainthood