Leticia Ochoa Adams
September 19, 2019
Earlier this month, BBC Two showed a documentary called Seahorse: The Dad who Gave Birth, which was made in Deal, Kent, where I dwell (the documentary is available via the internet). I am acquainted with Fred McConnell, “the dad who gave birth”, as a neighbour, and as a daughter of very nice folks locally. Seahorse
September 12, 2019
It’s considered by some as the best film noir ever made – and it is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. The Third Man, starring Orson Welles, was rendered especially compelling by Anton Karas’s mesmeric Harry Lime Theme, played on the zither. The movie, directed by Carol Reed, is a haunting thriller set in the
September 05, 2019
One of the more amusing aspects of growing older is to observe the reversals of history and the shifting of concepts. How piquant to see Chinese protesters in Hong Kong and elsewhere singing God Save the Queen as an affirmation of freedom, rather than as a symbol of colonial rule. How sweet to see baking
August 29, 2019
Royal history is often entwined with stories of scandals, illicit lovers, royal mistresses and infants born out of wedlock. (Charles II had 19 such progeny.) So royal misbehaviour is nothing new; nor is the choice of unwise companions. Yet it is surely edifying to note that among the European royals these days there seem to be
August 22, 2019
A priest in County Cork has caused ripples by deploring the nature of some of the gifts brought to the altar during a funeral Mass. These, says Fr Tomás Walsh, have included beer, cigarettes, a football jersey, a television remote control and even a packet of detergent. He says this isn’t appropriate or respectful. He
August 15, 2019
Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, has attracted some ridicule for suggesting that there should be a cabinet composed entirely of women, the better to deal with Brexit. Anyone who was educated in a convent boarding school would see nothing whatsoever to ridicule in a governing body entirely composed of women. Some of those old-style
August 08, 2019
It has been well documented that Brexit has worsened relations between Britain and Ireland. There’s a tendency, among the more Brexity members of the Westminster government, and its supporters, to blame the pesky Irish – insisting on their “Backstop” – for holding up all proceedings. In Ireland, there’s been a new rash of Anglophobia, and
August 01, 2019
It’s considered now to be a major cause of inequality between men and women, and a prime factor in the “gender imbalance” of society. That is, the fact – recently confirmed by a study at University College London – that women do more housework than men. In mixed-sex households, women still do the majority of