Br. Mark Dohle

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April 11, 2021
We love always to our fullest capacity. That might not be very great, but it can be learned. At first, we may love hesitantly and fearfully, for to open up to love takes courage. As we mature and develop our ability to have an open heart, we can slowly learn to love others for themselves
February 07, 2021
My joy, my love, my anger and lust, my inner rages, are stepping stones to prayer. It is also my connection with others, for my path, while unique, is not that much different from most people's. In my prayer, I understand that when I am healed, or being healed — for it is a life-long journey — I grow in my desire to bring all others with me.
November 29, 2020
In our monastery’s large refectory, at the furthest end, a large cross hangs over the abbot’s place. It is the cross we use on Good Friday. I sometimes will walk down to it, the refectory dark except for the light that is over the cross. I will stand there and sip my coffee and pray,