Junno Arocho Esteves

Francisco José Cox and Marco Antonio Órdenes were both accused of abuse

Cardinal Ezzati has promised to co-operate with authorities but opted for silence at the suggestion of his lawyers

Christians should heed God’s command to ‘be attentive and obey’ their guardian angel, the Pope said

The notorious Chilean priest was sentenced by the Vatican to life a prayer and penance in 2011

The choir’s manager and director are accused of money laundering, fraud and embezzlement

‘Every time that we participate in the Holy Mass, we hasten heaven on earth,’ he said.

The Pope told the servers to aspire to become saints

The Pope called on governments to act ‘decisively and promptly’ to stop further deaths

Emanuela Marinelli said there was ‘nothing scientific’ about the experiments

‘It is from your roots that you will get the strength to continue,’ Pope Francis said