Jordan Bloom

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November 28, 2019
The Democratic Party’s activists and donor class may not care for pro-life Democrats, but at least in some places, their voters do. John Bel Edwards, a pro-life Democrat who signed a foetal heartbeat bill earlier this year, was re-elected to a second term this month. His success is especially notable given the fact that Donald
November 28, 2019
It’s been a tough year for conservatives who hope to have champions in the world of business and entertainment. It began with Taylor Swift, a chanteuse traditionalists could once trust, who followed up on her endorsement of Democrats in the 2018 midterms with a full embrace of the LGBT cause, highlighted in her music video
November 21, 2019
Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles was elected president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) at the bishops’ general assembly in Baltimore last week. He received the votes of 176 other bishops, making him the overwhelming favourite. Archbishop Gómez, who was born in Monterrey, Mexico, becomes the first Latino bishop to hold
November 14, 2019
Marco Rubio is changing for the better. The man who read Atlas Shrugged twice in his first state legislative term is now quoting Leo XIII in an attempt to salvage the American economic order. The Florida Republican Senator, who ran for president in 2016, winning only a single state primary, along with DC and Puerto
November 07, 2019
Joe Biden, a frontrunner for the  Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, is a lifelong Catholic who has drifted leftward since entering the Obama White House in 2008. The tension between his public views and private faith came to a head last month when a priest in South Carolina denied him Holy Communion while he was on a
October 24, 2019
The United States is a “spiritual, but not religious” country, and getting more so, despite the best efforts of younger traditionalists. At least, that’s what the data from the latest Pew Religious Landscape Study, released last week, appear to show.  The good news is that belief in God, or a God of some kind, is
October 17, 2019
Italian-American Catholics in New York City are up in arms over what they see as a snub of St Francis Xavier Cabrini, who will not be getting a statue in this round of statues honouring women in the city’s history. During the period of public input, Mother Cabrini received by far the most nominations, though
October 17, 2019
Beto O’Rourke, the former El Paso congressman turned presidential candidate, is quickly becoming an albatross around the neck of Democrats the nation over by loudly and proudly taking the positions progressives had always insisted were straw men from the fevered imaginations of the right. In an exchange at the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall on October
October 10, 2019
A hard-edged protest at America’s top Catholic university has some conservative students fearing for their safety and wondering why the administration has remained silent. The week of September 19, a board appeared on campus at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, with a series of articles, mostly from the Irish Rover, a
October 03, 2019
The Congregation for Catholic Education has suspended the Archbishop of Indianapolis’s decision to forbid Brebeuf Jesuit Academy from identifying itself as Catholic in late September. Archbishop Charles Thompson had issued his decree after the school refused to dismiss a teacher in a same-sex marriage. “We have just learned that the Congregation for Catholic Education has
October 03, 2019
Substantial changes to the faculty and curriculum of the John Paul II Institute in Rome have alarmed American Catholic philosophers. The changes threaten to turn the institute from one with a unique mandate to promote the moral theology of Pope St John Paul II to one that isn’t much different from the social science department
September 26, 2019
He is, according to the liberal blogger Ed Kilgore of New York magazine, “the face of the post-Trump right”. And the iconoclastic Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley has won the admiration of some American Catholics with his strong stances on big tech, corporate power and economic populism. In June, for instance, Matthew Walther hailed him as