Lucas Hollweg
October 05, 2011
Front-page editorial says any move to BCE/CE instead of BC/AD is an attempt to deny the west's Christian roots
September 29, 2011
Founder of news agency says Legionary officials wanted to identify its work more closely with their order
September 28, 2011
Head of Italy's bishops' conference criticises 'wretched and empty' behaviour of political class
September 24, 2011
Spokesman says Pope was 'deeply shaken' by encounter
September 24, 2011
Pope visits little-known German Marian shrine of Etzelbach
September 23, 2011
Benedict XVI talks of challenges of secularism and Christian fundamentalism in address to Lutherans
September 22, 2011
Around 70,000 people attend Mass in Berlin
September 22, 2011
Benedict XVI says the 'issue of truth' has begun to be seen as an obstacle in decision-making