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July 12, 2022
The US Government is continuing its fightback against the Supreme Court and the decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overruled Roe vs. Wade. As reported by Reuters, the Biden administration yesterday said healthcare providers must offer abortion services if the life of a mother is at risk, and that procedures conducted under
July 11, 2022
President eyes the midterms while US Catholics divided
July 08, 2022
In the 12th episode of the Merely Catholic podcast series for The Catholic Herald, Dr Gavin Ashenden talks to the highly distinguished European political scientist Professor John Loughlin, a Fellow at Blackfriars, Oxford, an Emeritus Fellow and former Tutor at St Edmund’s College, former Director of the Von Hügel Institute, and a Senior Fellow and
July 08, 2022
While the decline of Christianity across the Western world, and especially in Europe, is well-documented, this does not give an entirely accurate picture of what is really going on. While Catholic church attendance is in sharp decline across western Europe, especially France, Germany and Spain, it is rising in the east. Meanwhile, the collapse of
July 07, 2022
In the teeth of liberal opposition, Pope Francis says he wants to give women more high-level positions within the Holy See. According to Reuters, the Pontiff will name women to a previously all-male committee which helps him select Catholic bishops. A new constitution for the Holy See’s administration – which came into effect in June
July 07, 2022
Europe is facing a major split, with the more nationalist, conservative and largely Catholic central and eastern EU states increasingly going their own way, against a more liberal, progressive and secular western Europe. The fact this division is continuing despite the ongoing war in Ukraine suggests this unhappy marriage between two competing views of Europe
July 06, 2022
In a major blow to Chinese Catholics, the Pope has indicated the Vatican’s secretive deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be renewed once again. Coming just a day after reports that the Vatican’s unofficial representative in Hong Kong warned Catholics the freedoms of the past were over, Pope Francis said he hopes the
July 05, 2022
The Vatican’s unofficial representative in Hong Kong – Monsignor Javier Herrera-Corona – has warned Hong Kong Catholics the freedoms of the past are over. As the Vatican considers whether to renew its deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the 54-year-old prelate warned missionaries to prepare for a tough future as the CCP tightens control
July 05, 2022
In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Pope Francis sought to quash resignation rumours but may have only ignited them further, and while the Holy Father condemned abortion in the aftermath of the decision to overrule Roe vs. Wade, he seemed not to quite condemn those who advocate for abortion access. The Pope first addressed having
July 01, 2022
Could the Pope stop World War 3? No, this isn’t about Ukraine. Aside from the fact that ship largely appears to have sailed, the chances of the war in eastern Europe developing into a full-blown international conflict (currently) appear remote. The West has refused to impose a no-fly-zone, instead limiting itself to arming Ukraine, which
June 30, 2022
This week, Dr Gavin Ashenden will be joined by Melissa Villalobos, the recipient of the miracle that led to the canonisation of Cardinal St John Henry Newman in 2019. They discuss the possible ramifications of the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 ruling that made abortion up to
June 29, 2022
It is not, as the Herald goes to press, apparent that the pope will resign, but plainly there is speculation that he may do so this year. He is suffering mobility problems, which mean he often uses a wheelchair, and he can no longer travel for long distances by car or by helicopter. He has
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