Günther Simmermacher

June 12, 2020
Force and domination do not bring peace. I vividly remember that day in Cape Town, South Africa, in the late 1980s. After an anti-apartheid march, the Rev Allan Boesak was addressing a big crowd of protesters. Boesak, a minister in the segregated Dutch Reformed Church, was a tremendous speaker, versed in the stirring rhetoric of
November 19, 2020
Fr Emil Blaser OP died on November 16, after a long illness. He was 78. His dear friend of many years, Günther Simmermacher, remembers him.
May 28, 2020
A quarter-century after South Africa rose from the ashes of apartheid as a democratic nation, racial divisions still dominate the public forum. One of the great challenges facing the country’s Catholic Church is therefore to bring together the various groups apartheid had separated. Institutional divisions are removed, but the Body of Christ in South Africa