Francis Phillips

A Protestant minister in the Netherlands believes there is no life after death and that God is a ‘human experience’

I’m not sure I can sit on the beach, surrounded by grandchildren, and read the Book of Job

His message is simple: we Catholics should be prepared to live our faith radically

The Masons in Britain are, apparently, open to anyone who believes in a God and donate huge sums to charity. So what did Breivik see in it?

We are back to the mystery of evil: none of the details we know about his life explain what he did

I hope they communicate to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the fun of having four children

For the Boss, profits mattered to the exclusion of everything else

The vigil before John Paul II’s beatification was an intoxicating experience for one new convert. I wish I could have gone

His assessment of Pius as ‘odiously anti-Semitic’ is based on one source – John Cornwell