Francis Phillips

Despite the furore over condoms, Light of the World, the book-length interview with Pope Benedict, is about a whole lot more than sex.

The case of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy, raises the question whether there can be dialogue with Islam if there is no religious freedom

Why isn’t abstinence suggested occasionally?

We long for a habit of politeness and respect that parents no longer instil in their children

I am not a natural for this kind of thing. I cringe inwardly when people shout at us, as they occasionally do. But I hope we make people think

Pressure is mounting to change the status of civil partnerships to actual marriage

Sheila Cassidy’s new book ‘Confessions of a Lapsed Catholic’ points to a faith that has not matured

Sherlock Holmes, Rilke and Mozart help illuminate the unconscious on BBC Radio 4

Whatever Lady Warnock’s views, she made her case carefully and courteously

As the mother of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, I disagree