Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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December 10, 2015
When I first began teaching theology, I fantasised about writing a book about the hiddenness of God. Why does God remain hidden and invisible? Why doesn’t God just show himself plainly in a way that nobody can dispute? One of the standard answers to that question was this: if God did manifest himself plainly there
December 01, 2015
This is not a good time to be a Muslim in the Western world. As the violence perpetrated by radical Islamist groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram becomes more and more prevalent, huge numbers of people are becoming paranoid about, and even openly hostile towards, the Islamic religion, seeing all Muslims as a
September 24, 2015
There are now more than seven billion people on this earth and each one of us feels that he or she is the centre of the universe. That accounts for most of the problems we have in the world, in our neighbourhoods and in our families. And no one’s to blame for this, save God