Fr Matthew Pittam

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August 09, 2018
I have just returned from a wonderful and eventful week in Paris where I was fortunate to stay only a few streets away from the basilica of Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre. I had read a great deal about this well-known church before, but following this first visit I came away with a greater understanding of how
August 02, 2018
I have been the priest of a small, rural parish for several years now. Our church is a modest and modern building which sits well in its village surroundings. It is the sort of place where you would never dream of planting a church today. But because of the conversion of the 8th Earl of
May 04, 2018
The ill and infirm can find great comfort in online Masses. Here are some of the best resources
December 20, 2017
As the government looks to expand mental health provision in schools, we have an opportunity to develop truly Catholic forms of support
December 07, 2017
All too often, families don't know what their loves one wanted. Tell them now - it's a chance to witness to the Resurrection
November 23, 2017
People don't like to think of Purgatory - but praying for the dead is an important act of charity
October 31, 2017
Airbrushing and sanitising history will not help in our dialogue with other Christians
October 20, 2017
The rosary is immensely powerful, but it is God's strength at work, not ours
October 07, 2017
On the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, a priest explains the transformative effect of this traditional devotion
September 13, 2017
You don't need to be religious to realise all humans have a right to life
September 04, 2017
Parishes should have teams of people who can be called upon to be present when there are few mourners
August 24, 2017
I have recently discovered the treasure trove that is the BBC archives on iPlayer. Of particular interest recently was A Passion for Churches, produced, written and presented by Sir John Betjeman in 1974. It is a personal and poetic tribute by the former Poet Laureate as he shared his lifetime love of East Anglian churches.