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June 23, 2016
After 50 years of preparation, the Pan-Orthodox Council has fallen apart at the last minute. Many are blaming Moscow, but that is far too simplistic
June 23, 2016
On Sunday, Orthodox Christians throughout the world celebrated Pentecost. In the East, that feast is considered a celebration of the Holy Trinity, and Whit Monday is dedicated to the Person of the Holy Spirit himself. Orthodox theology stresses that the mystery of the Trinity is both the source and the model for the unity of
April 14, 2016
The Pontiff has chosen to promote debate and diversity, rather than build unity around clearly expressed doctrine. The consequences will be enormous
April 14, 2016
Reaction to Amoris Laetitia, the long-awaited apostolic exhortation on the family, shows that its short-term effect has been to stoke the flames of an ongoing and sometimes acrimonious debate within the Church about its meaning and significance. For some commentators, the Pope has made no significant change in the current discipline on Communion for the
April 08, 2016
Those who wanted the issue settled so they can get on with life peacefully are likely to be disappointed
March 10, 2016
The cardinal from a remote African village has become a standard bearer for Catholic orthodoxy in a Church where many things now seem uncertain
March 10, 2016
It is often said that once a new pope has emerged on to the loggia of St Peter’s, the cardinals’ thoughts turn almost immediately to the question of his successor. Pope Francis, although about to turn 80 at the end of this year, does not seem ready to run out of steam. Despite having part
February 13, 2016
The Russian patriarch, not Pope Francis, has the most reason to be satisfied after the Havana meeting and joint statement
February 11, 2016
The meeting between the Pope and Patriarch Kirill is unprecedented, but the Russian Orthodox leader will come armed with his own political agenda
February 11, 2016
The Orthodox Church is not usually associated with rapid change and fast-moving news stories. Its image is more usually one of immobile customs, ancient rituals and an unshakeable attachment to tradition. Of no Orthodox body is this more true than of the Russian Orthodox Church, sometimes styled as the “Third Rome” and seen by many
January 25, 2016
The chance of a fixed date being agreed for Easter is close to zero
January 07, 2016
This year Francis must make one of the hardest choices any pope has faced for decades. Whatever he decides, there is likely to be great upheaval in the Church
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