Fr Denis Blackledge SJ

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April 25, 2019
Sent to Proclaim the Gospels By Jim McManus CSSR, Redemptorist Publications, 164pp, £12.99/$15 Pope Paul VI’s great encyclical on evangelisation, Evangelii Nuntiandi, written in 1975, was the spark for this book, which is timely, coming soon after his canonisation. In seven chapters, Fr Jim McManus spells out what the universal call to be an evangeliser
October 18, 2018
Children and Loss by Sue McDermott, Redemptorist Publications, 65pp, £4.95 This is an excellent booklet, scripted by an author who has more than 25 years’ experience with Rainbows Bereavement Support Group GB. Written with simplicity, sound sense and deep sensibility, it covers not only bereavement through the death of a loved one, but also other
September 06, 2018
Terminal Illness by Dr Elizabeth Toy, Dr Catherine O’Neill and Dr Sarah Jackson, Redemptorist, 53pp, £5 Written by three West Country professionals, this booklet deals with terminal illness, first giving a clear definition of what it is. Strictly speaking, it is an illness that cannot be cured and that may shorten life expectancy. But, more