Fr David Palmer

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September 04, 2020
This year being what it is, for my short summer break I decided to leave my parish in Nottingham to spend a few days in the far-distant land of Kent. So I went to Canterbury to do the St Augustine of Canterbury trail. First stop: a visit to the (newish) Shrine of St Augustine in
April 17, 2020
Like everyone else in the country, I had already been feeling grateful for the work of NHS staff – but never so much as that morning
May 24, 2018
Hinduism is vast, beautiful, terrifying and confusing. Of the world’s great religions, it is the one that we in the West probably know least about. Christians share a history with Judaism and (to a lesser extent) Islam. Buddhism has been fashionable for decades. But Hinduism remains something of an enigma. It is notoriously hard to
June 28, 2017
Christianity is an incarnational religion. Social media is the opposite
June 08, 2017
We do a better service to Muslims by forcing them to confront the dark side of their community
May 25, 2017
For years I have been something of a social media junkie, regularly checking my phone for updates on Facebook and Twitter (I’m too old for Snapchat) and posting my wisdom to the world at large. I have enjoyed receiving “likes” and retweets as much as the next person (more perhaps). Yes, I was appropriately dismissive of
May 25, 2017
A focus on every passing fad and controversy prevents what Benedict XVI calls 'interior recollection'