Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Iris Murdoch’s fiction still stands up 30 years after its publication, but what about the moral questions it posed?

His theology derives from experience: he is the great enlightener of the need for grace

Now it is too late: the law has taken its course and the law, once it gets going, is difficult to stop

His kidnapping five years ago has done the Palestinian cause no favours

The recent scandals in the NHS highlight our society’s lack of respect for old people. We should offer more help to families caring for relatives, but we also have to change our attitude towards the elderly

The details of the case have been distressing: surely the jury can hear these in private?

The fine parish church of St Jacques in Compiègne has a side chapel dedicated to 16 Carmelites martyred in the Revolution

The news media do not come out well, either. The obsession with Knox’s looks was infantile

In Tours a fine basilica was built on the site of a vast medieval church knocked down during the Revolution