Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

One cannot be an Anglican and use the Roman Missal – it is one or the other

Believers ought not to be self-obsessed, but novels are about self-obsession

Melanie Phillips says that Islam is intrinsically anti-Semitic; Daniel Goldhagen tries the same argument with Catholicism

Italy is a country that has often fascinated British writers. Here are my recommendations for the best books on Italy and the Italians

Italians saw in Berlusconi what they saw in Mussolini – an anti-establishment figure who defied the law

Closing the embassy makes no economic logic – rather it is down to a ‘cooling of relations’

Alice Thomas Ellis’s life was overshadowed by tragedy, and so makes great reading in this, the month of death

Now that he’s a father, the heart-throb actor might finally discover what love really is, a love that can never be replaced

And when the inevitable finally comes, the Greeks who suffer most will be the least guilty