Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

As the Royal wedding approaches the Church of England and the Church have prepared special prayers, but what should Will and Catherine be called?

You are standing on the pavement and you spot a funeral procession. What do you do?

The American Gothic – from The Exorcist to Scooby Doo – deals with the shadows that have not been banished by the Enlightenment

They have something in common, apart from anger: they believe in a religion that has no connection to morality

Isn’t the BBC supposed to educate? Why, then, is it spreading ignorance in this way?

Well, here is a checklist. And it doesn’t include aid

Often aid gives power and patronage to corrupt regimes that are the cause of poverty themselves

She was a highly significant writer, and nearly every important literary person passed through her kitchen

She was a pawn, not a political player, and no one, it seems, felt sorry for her