Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

In Britain there is no such thing as ‘the Catholic vote’, but with the Alternative Vote there might well be

The Vatican is a Church; on what grounds can it ban someone from coming to Mass?

Every empire falls for a simple reason: a lack of self-belief. And our leaders don’t seem to believe anything much any more

The documents of Vatican II did address Islam in passing, though they seem a little optimistic now

Easter on the island of Malta is filled with colourful processions and feasting

It tells us a simple fact: that God loves us, all of us, and died for us

One of the glories of the Triduum is the long and silent adoration at the Altar of Repose. One of its miseries is the attempt by misguided people to fill in the silence

Is it too much to suggest that at the heart of the Western manner of dress is a reverence for the face, and that this springs from a religious impulse?

In the past books were objects of beauty and made to last, that art has been lost

While Catholics have only one form of wedding vow, Anglicans can pick from many. Which will the royal couple go for?