Faith Glavey Pawl

August 03, 2020
On the good infection As many of us are waiting for school to start (or not), it feels like we are standing in the eye of a hurricane. As both as a parent of school-aged children and a university instructor, I’ve been asked to prepare for a dizzying array of possibilities for what education might
July 12, 2020
When visiting family down south, we go to mass at a Black Catholic church our friends attend. Once after communion, the congregation spontaneously broke into “Wade in the Water”–a Spiritual sung to guide escapees along the Underground Railroad. We were told that song wasn’t sung too frequently, but whenever it was, it was something very
June 13, 2020
We can hold explicitly anti-racist convictions, and also harmful stereotypes. This past Monday was the first time in weeks I wasn’t lulled to sleep by the sound of a helicopter hovering over my St. Paul, Minnesota neighborhood, only a few miles from the scene of George Floyd’s murder. After the senseless murder of George Floyd
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