Edward Feser

October 08, 2020
Prof. Edward Feser responds to George Weigel’s recent essay, “Truman’s Terrible Choice”, published September 30th of this year in First Things.  In “Truman’s Terrible Choice”, George Weigel correctly observes that “it seems difficult, if not impossible, to vindicate Hiroshima and Nagasaki on classic just-war grounds without relativizing moral norms in the kind of ethical calculus John
July 10, 2020
That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation By David Bentley Hart Yale University Press, 222pp, £20/$26 Eastern Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart denies that hell is everlasting. He does not merely claim that we have grounds for hope for the salvation of all. Nor does he hold that the unsaved will be
May 02, 2019
Curing Mad Truths by Rémi Brague University of Notre Dame press, 133pp, £25/$29 Rémi Brague argues that the modern project has failed, and that the source of the failure is a kind of heresy. To be sure, he does not himself use that word. But it is an apt label for what he describes. Modernity,
August 08, 2018
Yes, the revised wording is unclear. But it certainly seems to imply that previous popes led the faithful into grave error
October 15, 2017
No Pope can overturn the Church's teaching that the death penalty is legitimate. So Francis's comments were puzzling