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Such a policy, Benedict has now argued, is essential to the salvation of souls

The surprise resignation comes after the university has faced questions about its handling of historical sexual harassment cases

If he chooses, the new archbishop could write himself into history as the face of reform in the American Church

For the time being, Pell remains a prisoner of the state and a sitting cardinal – a combination unprecedented in modern times

One legal expert has said that because there was only one key witness, there is a good chance Pell’s appeal will succeed

He plans to appeal December’s conviction, which can only now be reported after the court lifted restrictions

Cardinal Cupich has warned against inflated expectations, but what can we realistically expect the summit to achieve?

McCarrick’s laicization still doesn’t answer the question of how he was able to rise so high

The appointment of Farrell as Camerlengo and the expected verdict against McCarrick will likely overshadow the abuse summit

Cuomo attacked the state’s bishops after the passage of the bill, despite the fact they supported it