Dennis Sewell

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October 13, 2016
The simple clash between pro-choice and pro-life camps is giving way to a more complex but no less ferocious struggle
October 13, 2016
From Poland to Texas, from Chile via Indiana to Channel 4’s Dispatches, the issue of abortion seems to have recovered its political salience during the past year or so. People are talking about it in legislative assemblies and television studios. Sometimes they are marching in the streets again. But there has been a change in
July 21, 2016
Among the “burning injustices” identified by Theresa May on the steps of Downing Street on her first day in her new job was “if you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white”. A generation ago the Prime Minister’s assertion would have been a truism. But after a quarter
May 05, 2016
“If it were made possible, do you think Down’s syndrome should disappear from society?” Put in this stark form, the question pulls you up short. When it was posed in precisely those terms to the Dutch geneticist Hans Galjaard, a former member of the Unesco bioethics committee, it drew an equally direct reply: “Yes, that
May 05, 2016
Myths about Down's syndrome lead to thousands of abortions every year. A new proposal will make it even harder for parents to resist social pressure
March 24, 2016
Where I live, the local council is not highly regarded. Once, our borough was a byword for corruption and incompetence. Today it’s only a byword for incompetence. The chumps down at the Town Hall struggle to perform even the most basic of tasks, for instance getting the dustbins emptied each week. The housing stock they
December 22, 2015
With all the Janus-like looking back and looking ahead that goes on at this time of year, we once again confront the awkward paradox of progress. Not even self-styled progressives really believe in progress any more, in the sense that things can only get better over time or that everything in the present is axiomatically superior
October 15, 2015
When the charity decided to campaign for abortion it dramatically abandoned its Catholic founder’s vision
June 18, 2015
First it was eugenics - now, under the guise of environmentalism, governments across the world are trying to force the poor and ‘culturally backward’ not to breed
January 29, 2015
It was a mistake to think that Ofsted could be relied upon to adopt a sensible approach to promoting British values in schools
July 17, 2014
The outgoing Education Secretary wanted to revitalise the Catholic school system, but he only met heel-dragging and indifference
January 30, 2012
Dennis Sewell says most US voters reject the theory because of claims that it makes God and Christian morality redundant