David V Barrett

The Lutheran Church of Sweden has offered the cathedral as a temporary place of worship to a local Catholic parish

The ban comes as China and the Vatican try to negotiate a deal over the appointment of bishops

Sister Ban Madleen wanted to visit her sick sister in Britain

Eugenio Scalfari claimed in La Repubblica that the Pope told him the souls of sinners ‘disappear’

Figures show a sharp rise following Pope Francis’s reforms to the process

The bill will prohibit discrimination against medical professionals who object to certain procedures due to religious beliefs

The 100-year-old church of St Michael And All Angels in Conwy will close due to lack of clergy

Peter Saunders said he was ‘disappointed that the commission didn’t do what I thought it was set up to achieve’

The bishop, who was defended by Cardinal Godfried Danneels in a previous case, faces new accusations

Sr Leonella Sgorbati was gunned down as she left a children’s hospital in Mogadishu