David Paton

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June 24, 2020
Earlier this month, former home secretary Sajid Javid announced he would be leading a new inquiry into child sex abuse in conjunction with the Centre for Social Justice. Over the past few years, we have become used to seeing headlines about child sex gangs in English cities such as Rochdale, Rotherham, Huddersfield and Oxford. In
April 22, 2020
Drive-through Confessions, a different kind of weekly obligation - and some very long processions
March 05, 2020
Fr Joseph Huu is the perfect illustration of the Church in action. Working within an area of Vietnam completely quarantined off due to worries over the coronavirus, he is coordinating health services and pastoral care in the area, taking supplies and advice to villages throughout the area. Just as importantly, he is arranging for Eucharistic
September 19, 2019
Across the world, parents are engaged in battles with local and national governments over their right to decide how sex education is taught to children in schools. Some have had more success than others in standing up to the sex education establishment and also, regrettably, in recruiting the Church in their support. In the Canadian
June 14, 2019
For several months, parents in Birmingham have been gathering on the street. They are campaigning against what they see as inappropriate lessons about LGBT issues being delivered to their primary school-age children. Kids having to run a gauntlet of protestors to attend school is not a good look, whatever the cause. But the parents have a point
August 25, 2017
BBC Bitesize and others are touting an absurd view of Catholic history
June 01, 2017
Reports show the current approach is dangerous and ineffective. Catholic schools must show a better alternative
May 23, 2017
A new study claims faith schools hold countries back. The detail reveals a very different picture
February 16, 2017
No one helps the poor more than the Church. Here's the evidence
February 16, 2017
Stalin famously said of the Church, “The Pope! How many divisions has he?” Less well known is Churchill’s response that Stalin “might have mentioned a number of legions not always visible on parade”. Indeed, the reach and influence of the Church are not easily described by statistics alone, yet the raw statistics are staggering enough.
October 08, 2015
Politicians and lobbyists claim that more sex education is the answer to almost every problem in our schools. Here’s why they are wrong