David Alton

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April 27, 2020
King Jong-un has taken the country backwards. There is another path
April 09, 2020
In responding to coronavirus, even the most developed societies have been stretched to the limits. How much worse it is for persecuted and despised minorities, living on the margins of society. Friends in Pakistan describe how the pandemic is piling hardship upon hardship. Their lives are difficult enough already: many are forced to live in
January 02, 2020
I was in Simele, northern Iraq, last month, where the forerunners of ISIS cut the throats of up to 3,000 men, women and children in 1933. No memorial has ever been erected to these Assyrian Christians and the site of their bloody end is shamefully littered with rubbish. Historians are uncertain whether their corpses were
September 26, 2019
In her dystopian novel The Children of Men, PD James foresaw a United Kingdom of mass infertility; where democracy decays as Parliament is diminished to an advisory role; where all political power is taken by a figure who calls himself the Warden; where a feminist civil war rages; where the declining population becomes over-entitled, unstable
June 27, 2019
In a fast-moving story over the past few days, a baby’s life has hung in the balance, weighed on the scales of justice. Less than a week ago, Mrs Justice Lieven had presided at a hearing in London at the Court of Protection. The Court deals with issues relating to people who lack the mental
May 16, 2019
At last, Asia Bibi is free. Six months after her acquittal on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy, the Pakistani government has confirmed that she has left the country. After nearly a decade behind bars, awaiting execution, she is now in Canada – where last week, for the first time since her imprisonment, she was able
September 20, 2018
Can you change the country without changing the regime, asks David Alton Talking to North Korea by Glyn Ford, Pluto Press, 320pp, £14.99 There’s no doubting that Glyn Ford has spent much of his life trying to understand North Korea – he has been there 50 times. However, given that entry to the country is
June 14, 2018
The 'alt-liberals' are all-knowing, self-regarding and autocratic
June 14, 2018
The Northern Ireland minister Lord Duncan of Springbank recently remarked that the province’s insistence that the only lawful justification for abortion should be a threat to the mother’s life was “Victorian”. This ill-considered and patronising remark was not random. It was part of a concerted attempt to force abortion legislation on Northern Ireland. The Conservative
October 26, 2017
At 11.04am on Friday October 27 some of us will gather in Parliament Square to mark 50 years since Royal Assent was given to the 1967 Abortion Act. A law which was intended to allow abortion in certain circumstances became an elastic law, a law with catastrophic consequences. At the time only a handful of
October 26, 2017
Only 29 MPs foresaw that the Abortion Act would create a deadly, lucrative new industry
June 30, 2017
There are now 100,000 people alive in Northern Ireland who would be dead if Britain’s abortion laws had applied
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