Danny Wiser

One of the more unusual objects in the exhibition is a horse vertebrae carved into the image of an angel

According to the BBC, more than 350,000 migrants have crossed into Europe in 2015

The college were in talks with St Mary’s University, Twickenham, but a deal failed to materialise

A number of biblical names have made it into the the Top 100 most popular baby boys’ names for 2014

The programme, which was shown on Sunday, was filmed at a temporary settlement known as ‘the Jungle’

A handwritten list apparently shows the names of those who have been abducted

A 14th-century work by Giovanni da Rimini has been gifted to the gallery

Professor Patrick Pullicino has criticised new guidelines on end-of-life care

The Merseyside school will close next summer due to a £470,000 funding crisis

Rome is one of four cities to have already launched their bid for the 2024 Olympic Games