Dan Hitchens

The film handles questions of sin, doctrine and mercy which are at the heart of today’s controversies

The BBC conceded it was false to describe the Church as being ‘silent’ in the face of Nazism

The controversies about screenshots and anonymous accounts have obscured Fr Spadaro’s startling remarks about Communion

The Respublica report suggests a ‘reasonable accommodation’ clause to protect employees’ freedom

The cardinal said that conscience must refer to revealed truth and the moral law

The cardinals have asked Pope Francis for a yes-or-no answer on Communion. His silence is unsurprising

The cardinal said there was a tradition of issuing a formal correction if a Pope is in error

The cardinals have taken the unusual step of publicly requesting clarification on Communion and the moral law

Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute is being shut down unexpectedly Рthe ramifications extend far beyond Australia

Christopher Hale said many people were involved in founding CACG, but its only current aim is ‘to promote the social teaching of the Church’